Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Discovery Cove

My family and I just got back from Discovery Cove where we snorkeled and swam with dolphins. We had such a blast getting to know Tyler (our dolphin for the day) and learning to swim along sting rays. It took me a moment to get used to the 50 degree water and photographing underwater. But once I got it we were off! My little girl had no problems, except that she was afraid the sting rays would sting her so she screamed every time she swam over one. Once she petted them and realized they were friendly, she loved snorkeling and we had a fantastic day. We all loved it so much I am sure we will have to find another spot to go next year, so let meknow if youhave any suggestions! Thanks!

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  1. What beautiful pics of you all & your sweetheart with Tyler! So glad you had a wonderful time and maybe even found a new love with those beautiful animals!