Saturday, October 26, 2013

Very Chilly Portrait Day

When I began photos this morning it was 43 degrees, felt like 36 (according to I was very concerned that we'd have trouble getting the little ones to cooperate with it being so chilly. But luckily mom dressed her boys in several layers and he boys didn't get cold until the end. Same happened with my later session. The girls had a lot less layers, and it had warmed up to mid 50's, but it was still cool for most, especially since we've been used to 60plus! But we managed to get some great photos, including this 12 person family photo. The littles ones wouldn't smile, the 2 year old wanted to keep getting off the bench and running so I had to lure her back with candy, and one of the babies was really sick and did not want to be there. With all that was going on, this family photo turned out SUPER! I was so fortunate to have this family, I photographed their wedding 5? years ago I believe. I will have to find their photos to post. Thank you to all of the families that braved the cold to get some family photos today!

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